How to 30x Your Business, Wealth and Life RIGHT NOW!

with Peter Boolkah and Brad Sugars
(Author, Founder; ActionCOACH

Join Peter Boolkah (The Transition Guy®) and Brad Sugars (Author, Founder; ActionCOACH) for another value-packed web event, as they deep-dive on How to 30x Your Business, Wealth and Life RIGHT NOW!


Over the years of starting, scaling, and selling many businesses, Brad Sugars earned his fair share of scars.


He got his battle wounds from fighting for great ideas, and has many not-so-fond memories of losing some of those battles. But Brad also knows the thrill of having great success.


Being an entrepreneur is not an easy road. But if you can learn from those who have gone before you, it becomes a lot easier than going it alone.


Join Peter and Brad LIVE and for FREE,  as they  give you a head start on the Entrepreneurial Learning Curve that we all faced at the beginning.

This web event will be moderated by B2B marketing expert, David Sargant.

Tuesday 30th November 2021


Here's Some of What We'll Cover

  • Wealth Creation: Building wealth is more than just making money. 

  • Sales Systems: One of the most avoided, yet most powerful, entrepreneurial skills.

  • Lead Generation: A critical skill to starting - and growing - a good business.

  • Thinking Bigger: forethought and an awareness of what's around the corner.

  • Learning: Our brain works in a certain way. We learn in a certain way.

  • Live Questions & Answers and so much more!

Here's Your Hosts!

Peter Boolkah

With 32 major coaching awards to his name, Peter helps business owners and his peers achieve positive, lasting change in behaviour; for themselves, their people, and their teams.  

Brad Sugars

Internationally known as one of the most influential entrepreneurs, Brad Sugars is a bestselling author, keynote speaker, and the #1 business coach in the world. Over the course of his 30-year career as an entrepreneur, Brad has become the CEO of 9+ companies and is the owner of the multi-million-dollar franchise ActionCOACH®.

David Sargant (Mod)

Founder of Credibility Coach® and his B2B digital agency,
Funnel Leader, David is an expert in B2B marketing strategy, webinars and sales funnel design.

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